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       Hannah Zaic, a unique pop act currently based out of Philadelphia, had music in her blood before she was even born. The daughter of an amateur poet and accomplished guitarist, there was not a day of her young life that did not include music. At eight years of age she became frustrated that she couldn't consistently remember the lyrics to her favorite songs so she started to write her own. She would later find her way on stage by ten and was fronting a full rock band by fifteen. Ambitious and self taught, she was hired as a session vocalist at seventeen and by the time she had turned twenty, she had already picked up and moved herself from her home state of New Jersey to Brooklyn, NY. Fast forward to 2016, Hannah has appeared on several albums for other artists both as a vocalist and songwriter, been interviewed in print, on the radio, on television and for film. May 2016, as a vocalist and songwriter (as well as a DJ and published journalist) she self released her debut record, entitled [something clever].

       Her backing band, The Damaged Goods, includes some of the best talent New York and Philadelphia has to offer. Over the past few years, they could be found on marquees throughout the Northeastern United States A national tour is also currently in the works. Their live performances have yielded almost exclusively positive reviews and their earlier tracks can be heard on radio stations in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Oregon. The anticipation for [something clever] has been building since the project began in 2011. Until now, Hannah Zaic has been Philadelphia's "best kept secret", but with the release of [something clever] that is about to change in a big way.


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May 2016 [something clever] is available for purchase on iTunes,,, Google play and more.


I enjoyed Zaic’s music and like how she incorporated the sometimes humorous stage banter.
Hannah Zaic is a multi-talented, one of a kind pop artist based out of Philadelphia, PA.

The Alchemist

by Hannah Zaic
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